Swain Green

Dear Randolph,
I am Writing to you on the behalf of Swain Green Partnership to Thank You and your team for the excellent directory you printed for us, in particular Wing who I know gave us so much of his time and imagination.
Nafees Nazir who was the driving force behind the directory was very grateful for the support of Wing and your team.
The directory had been very well received by the whole community and in particular local businesses. We hope Swain Green Partnership can flourish and carry on representing the area of Tyersal, Sutton and Laisterdyke.
• Source: Betty Waterhouse Acting chair SGP
" We needed a local directory printing but did not have much artwork ready. The designer at PRS (Wing Pang) was amazing - he took scraps of paper and turned them into an awesome booklet! The colour covers were marvelous and everyone has said what a professional piece of work it is!"
• Source: Nafees Nazir North Area Partnership Development Officer Bradford North Area Co-ordinator's Office
C/o Sutton Community Centre Kyffin Place Bradford Tel: 01274 772133